Facebook Bans Friend Connect

No more Facebook, no more Friend Connect

Michael Arrington on TechCrunch posted more details on Facebook’s banning of Google Friend Connect from the Facebook API earlier today. He spoke with Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly and Google’s Director of Engineering David Glazer about the banning to get a fuller picture of the conflict.

I would say that this pretty much invalidates Friend Connect for now. Facebook integration was the only thing I found interesting in Friend Connect. Google and Facebook are always going to fight with the Microsoft minor investor interest there. Come on Microsoft, why not just buy Facebook already and do it right?

LinkedIn has wasted so much of my time with coding issues, it took an entire month to get my email address confirmed because of buggy code. Balmer, buy Facebook and rip out all the crap that clutters the interface and do the site right. Give us a nice set of API’s under a open source license that can be generally adpoted and quit chasing Google.

Heck Steve, you could for a change, NOT try to develop a unique set of patented APIs and try to shove them down our throats. You could fix Facebook, make it the professional interface it once was and use open social as the API. Google has beat the crap out of MS using this same strategy. Remember when MS bought up small companies and then gave the software away for free? Now Google does the same thing and you are chasing your tail trying to buy Yahoo.

When someone does finally come out with the mother of all social networks it will be the app that joins them all together. Many smarter and more well informed than me have said it won’t be Microsoft or Google and I believe them.