Worried Social Marketing Sites Reveal Your Personal Information?

Social marketing sites? Is that what your are worried about? Privacy died decades ago, you just never opened your eyes and took a look around!

Online privacy, what are you worried about? Corporations already know everything about you and SELL that information without your consent.

Insurance companies know more about you than ANYONE. Probably even yourself.

They know how much money you make (you tell them).

Where you live, what you buy (you insure it with them), how much you are really worth (through credit bureaus because they have your SSN) and

Your entire medical history (they pay for it), your marriage history and how many children you have, if you have been circumsized or use birth control and if you can have children in the future.

If you have ever been to Mexico, if you have been overseas.

If you have had you wisdom teeth out, exactly what jewelry you own, what kind of car you drive, how much the car is worth,

If you speed when you drive, if you have had any accidents and if you have ever had a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Your shoe size, how fast your computer is, where you children go to school and if you have ever been impotent, and then…..

They know this about everyone of your neighbors!!!!!

Do you know who the BIG investors behind construction projects are? Insurance companies, because they have the most complete demographic profiles of home owners on the planet. Any retail outlet, from Circle K to a billion dollar mall all are built where a demographic of homeowners are expected to already spend X amount of dollars there.

That demographic is built by insurance companies. Privacy died decades ago, we just never noticed.


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    Good afternoon Chris, Love your Blogmen !! Seriously though you need to correct your spelling before you let the “Social Marketing Wannabe`s” read it for themselves. Two on this page alone,and I only red_-two paragraphs. Just A Thought Big G UY…. BOOMHAUER!

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    Sorry but I can’t spell worth a crap. I didn’t know you could read? LOL