The Difference Between Amazon & Google+

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You may have seen my mail yesterday about Why I am spending less time on Google+…

However you may have written it off as me trying to sell you.

I am sorry to say, that is a big mistake. Because there is a huge difference between Google+ and Amazon and it is the difference between making money and wasting your time concentrating on how many social followers you have.

If you read this email completely, you won’t be looking to see if you went up a few hundred followers on G+ any more.

Instead you will be looking like I do, at, to see how much Amazon deposited in your bank account.

You may think the difference between G+ and Amazon is Obvious.

Here’s The Big Difference

Amazon is where people go to BUY Things.

Social sites are where people go to get free advice.

Everybody and their kissin cousin are suddenly G+ experts.

Same goes for Twitter and Facebook. Just take a look at all the teaching the real experts like Mari Smith deliver each month.

People expect that everything is free for the taking on social, and that is where you can waste a lot of your time. And then, when you launch your next product, no one buys from those “oh so well” cultivated social followings. Bet you have already found that out?

No, people go to Amazon to buy. They don’t even think about it.

7% of American are Amazon Prime members.

That is over 21 million adults that pay $80 to be Prime Members.

Amazon gives you free two day shipping, 10s of 1000s of free movies discounts on most products and more when you are a Prime member.

Check out what Amazon Prime members get here…

Now you tell me, how many people would pay to be Twitter, Facebook or G+ members?

That is the mindset of social sites. Ever feel, your followers for some reason seem to think you owe them something?

People go to Amazon expecting to buy. They want to buy from you.

When you know how to be highly ranked in Amazon listings you will make money on Amazon and I will prove it to you right here:

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Amazon does an amazing job, working for you to convert their massive traffic and their best most loyal buyers, into your own buyers.

They don’t even need to fill out any forms either, one click and Amazon visitors have your book on their Kindle.

You don’t even need a Kindle either, anyone can read your book on their iPhone or Android app. Google Chrome even has an extension so you don’t even need a phone, just a browser.

I have actually moved all my media away from any other service, including Google Music… I buy all my movies, buy all my online goods, for at times, Amazon is half the price of the local store that I have to drive to, in 10 degree winter temperatures in Denver

Margie even bought me a Kindle Fire, to test our own books on a month ago, as an early Christmas present. With one log in right out of the box, I had all my movies, all my music and all my books.

I freakin’ love the thing. Sure it is not an iPad or a Android tablet but since I am all in on Amazon like millions of Americans are, with 200 million active accounts world wide, a tablet optimized to my Kindle purchases is very valuable to me.

So, I gotta’ ask you, would you rather dominate a social network or would you rather dominate the #1 online mall, where people go to buy what you have?

The answer my friend, is both.

But so far you only have one piece of the pie, the social end.

Now it’s time to learn to get to the top of Amazon listings where you make money and that starts right here, right now.

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You can even call this SEO for Amazon :]

NOW, back to why Amazon is a social site for buyers.

When you hop on in, tomorrow on the webinar…

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Be sure to share that with your friends, if you can.

You all will be able to ask questions of my mystery guest live
on this show.

In the mean time, keep your eyes open for Margie’s (my other half) review of why she joined this networking Kindle club, and talked me into showing you, why this is so very very important to you in 2014 and beyond…

See ya on the show,

Chris Lang