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Why Do Writers Write?

Asking my self this same question, “Why do I write?” I am taken to this keyboard to try to explain it to myself… And hopefully you When I was a cook and then a chef in the 80s and early 90s, an episode of Northern Exposure was able to explain why I cooked, to me. […]

Live Keyword Research Drill Down With Howie Schwartz

It’s pretty rare you see a real SEO expert show you how to really find long tail keywords and long tail keyword research tactics only using Google search. My friend Howie is like a niche sniffing blood hound and he’s done it again… Here’s Howie Schwartz with a really cool assistant (that’s me) making notes […]

Mobile Marketing Now and Why….

Good Friday Morning, As I move into my new role as CEO of Gadget MVP, mobile marketing is my main focus now, and believe me, if you get on board now, it will be the chance to be the Mari Smith, the Frank Kern, or at least the dominant player in your niche. Why because […]