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Is Facebook Going Down The Same Road As Digg Did In 2008 ?

As I watch one very loyal Facebook marketer after another become disolutioned with Facebook paid posts I remember the days of Digg’s demise due to the CEO’s ego, Kevin Rose’s disconnection and a malicious group called the Digg mafia. Will we see history repeat itself at Facebook? 3 Things brought me write this for you […]

Digg Dying, Stumble Rising, Flickr, MyBlogLog and the rest….

After reading a

Digg Is Dead via Website Magazine

An alarming post by Website Magazine says: According to the latest Compete.com data (April, 2010) Digg lost an astounding 13.8 million unique visits from March to April, 2010 — a near 36 percent drop. You can get your FREE in print subscription to Website Magazine here, just click the image below! This has been a […]