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FarmVille Breaks Away From Facebook

FarmVille has just been released as a standalone site off Facebook – Very important stuff here, read on…. FarmVille.com used to redirect to Zynga.com until late Thrusday night, it started showing signs of a standalone version of FarmVille. FarmVille still uses a Facebook log in to connect, but it uses Facebook connect to display your […]

Google Research On Social Marketing & Facebook

Google researcher Paul Adams explains in the slide show created for Google execs below, that those considering a product are more apt to trust their friends than strangers – or search ads. Do you think Facebook or Google is more trustworthy when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes? Toaster? Golf clubs? Clothes? […]

Facebook Now Powered By Bing

On Febuary 5th, Microsoft made a deal with Facebook to supply Bing search results on Facebook. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Watch just alerted me, “If you do a search on Facebook, the web results are powered by Bing and more importantly, carry the Bing logo.” Click image to see full size. It is also […]

Facebook VS Google Social Marketing Test

Everyone is ringing the Facebook dinner bell lately, so let’s find out if it’s feast or famine using Facbook VS Google in a side by side test With the proliferation of Facebook fan pages, the like button and the various new gadgets in the press on Facebook viral traffic I am now rolling out a […]