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Why Your Name Is NOT Your Brand

Your name is not your brand. Your personal brand is not about what you are, it is about who you are. So start building trust in you! That rubs off on your products and that puts money in your pocket in return. Plain and simple, I have had enough of the bad advice floating around […]

25 Super Bowl Social Marketing Take Aways

Every year, I watch the Super Bowl with pen and paper to take down notes. Here’s my 25 Social Marketing tips from the best marketing and copy writers on Earth When the Giants win the coin toss, one of the Giants held out his hand to shake the hand of the Patriot across from him. […]

Google Research On Social Marketing & Facebook

Google researcher Paul Adams explains in the slide show created for Google execs below, that those considering a product are more apt to trust their friends than strangers – or search ads. Do you think Facebook or Google is more trustworthy when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes? Toaster? Golf clubs? Clothes? […]

Facebook VS Google Social Marketing Test

Everyone is ringing the Facebook dinner bell lately, so let’s find out if it’s feast or famine using Facbook VS Google in a side by side test With the proliferation of Facebook fan pages, the like button and the various new gadgets in the press on Facebook viral traffic I am now rolling out a […]