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Chris Lang is the author of Plenzes: Augmented Reality – Augmented Insanity” and “Get It To The Inbox

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Jim Edwards- Headline Best Length, Color And Conversion

So I asked Jim Edwards: “Hey Jim, what is the max word length for tested headlines? (mine get a bit long)” “And headline color. I still use a dark red, any new testing data on that having worn out? Or become over used- having a negative affect?” In case my ancient blog theme does not […]

Five Ways Foodie Bloggers Can Make Money

#1 – Put your recipie ingredients in your email only. Then link to the site for the cooking instructions. #2 – Add affiliate links via banner graphics in recipies with like cooking styles #3 – Creating short video “How To” clips that demonstrate basic and unique tips: #4 – Learn how to write better Email […]

Why Does Snooki Have 4 In Print Books?

Because Snooki Has Reach! And publishes through Simon and Schuster! It does not matter if you can write these days. What matters to publishers these days is that you have reach and can sell your own books. Why do you not have a book at the top of Amazon mega high traffic categories like Snooki? […]

A Personal Review Of The 6-Figure Kindle Club – Margie D Casados

If you are an author and/or aspiring publisher I believe it is a good idea to take a look at what they are doing on 6FKC. Emran Saiyed and Ryan Lee have teamed up to make the world of writing, into a valuable promoting empire. Recognizing that Kindle is on the leading edge and is […]

The Difference Between Amazon & Google+

You may have seen my mail yesterday about Why I am spending less time on Google+… However you may have written it off as me trying to sell you. I am sorry to say, that is a big mistake. Because there is a huge difference between Google+ and Amazon and it is the difference between […]

Am I Really Spending Less Time On G+? (the truth and why)

The Answer is yes, Yes, and YES! Margie hopped on this last week and loved it so much, she told me I had to share this with you all. (she has never said this before in 5 years together, so you just, gotta trust that) Two Mystery Guests Will Show YOU On Wednesday, How You […]

Does Email Engagement Matter?

While I believe email engagement algorithms at Gmail goe far deeper than these two experts, I do want to preserve these two posts and link to them just for my own enlightenment and reference. Hope you enjoy them as well. Andrew Barrett of the “Email Skinny” blog goes on the note 7 major engagement indicators […]

Facebook On Mobile – It’s Time to Take It Seriously

Thanks to my friends at Qwaya for this great piece of work. Facebook and mobile are both very confusing these days. Sounds like it’s time for us all to get our mobile strategies together now….

Just Got Out Of A Hospital Bed Yesterday

Last week, I flew off my mountain bike at 20 MPH and got slapped on the asphalt bike trail like a pancake flipped. Seems my front axle went south, and left the building. My front tire then free, suddenly locked up, dead stop, between the brake and the front forks. I hit the path so […]

IS Waiting? The Opposite Of Living…

Waiting: Is The Opposite Of Living… Pretty good imagery huh? And that is what Marketing is. It’s turning a picture, a painting, a work of art, into a story, where your reader is SEEING you. You may have noticed, I am a Don Draper fan, and I watch “Mad Men” religiously. Because the show, about […]