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Does Email Engagement Matter?

While I believe email engagement algorithms at Gmail goe far deeper than these two experts, I do want to preserve these two posts and link to them just for my own enlightenment and reference. Hope you enjoy them as well. Andrew Barrett of the “Email Skinny” blog goes on the note 7 major engagement indicators […]

I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

Trend Micro Says is Innocent!

Chris Lang – is innocent of all wrong doing and Trend Micro declares any blocking the result of a false positive I wrote up all the details of Trend Micro Pc-cillin incorrectly blocking my site on Email Jedi since it really belongs there. At least it is over and I am much stronger for […]

Trend Micro Wrongly Says is Dangerous and Undesirable

Say it’s not so, Is KeyWebData really dangerous and undesirable? I will leave it up to you… Trend Micro, maker of PC-Cillin and Trend Micro Internet Security, has been identifying my site as dangerous and undesirable, blocking the page from being displayed and possibly blocking my emails. My email response rate dropped and many long […]

DomainKeys and Spam Filters at Yahoo Seem to be Broken, Why Not Fix It?

What? If Microsoft is Buying Us Why Shouldn’t They Fix Yahoo Spam Filters in 2008 I have gotten alot of questions about why Yahoo spam filters have gone nuts in 2008. First of all when you set up DomainKeys on your server it will pass the DK test servers but will not pass the Yahoo […]

Having Email Delivery Problems with Yahoo? Welcome to the Club!

Yahoo email delivery problems still abound After helping a fellow blogger get his Yahoo / DKIM / DomainKeys problems somewhat straightend out I went on to look a little deeper into what has been an ongoing problem at yahoo. This post on email delivery at Yahoo summed it up so well that I want to […]

How Is Your Email Reputation Going to Increase Your Email Delivery?

Ensure your Email Delivery in 2008. Stop thinking avoid spam filters and Start thinking Email Reputation NOW! First of all when we talk email reputation we are talking about the reputation of your server IP address. Not so much the reputation of your domain, but for now your associated email servers IP address. Reputation is […]

Email Delivery? Avoiding Spam Filters? Don’t Buy Software Like This!

If you think software like “Email Auto Format” will help you in avoiding spam filters you better read this before you look at the link below There is no magic formula to email delivery and avoiding spam filters and that is what is wrong with the product below. The salesletter says: Salesletter: Follow along with […]

If Chris Lang Could Solve Any Problem You Have, What Would It Be?

What problem can I solve for YOU to make YOUR working day…. More Manageable? More Enjoyable? AND… most importantly of all, More Profitable? If there is any question that Chris Lang can answer for you, any problem I can solve, please enter it as a comment at the link below. Or if you have a […]

Your Email Reputaion and Delivery: Don’t Call Yourself a Spammer

How could you possibly ruin your Email Delivery and mark your own email IP address as sending spam? This article has moved to email delivery and your email reputation don’t call yourself a spammer on my new email delivery site.