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Is Facebook Going Down The Same Road As Digg Did In 2008 ?

As I watch one very loyal Facebook marketer after another become disolutioned with Facebook paid posts I remember the days of Digg’s demise due to the CEO’s ego, Kevin Rose’s disconnection and a malicious group called the Digg mafia. Will we see history repeat itself at Facebook? 3 Things brought me write this for you […]

Digg Dying, Stumble Rising, Flickr, MyBlogLog and the rest….

After reading a

Digg Is Dead via Website Magazine

An alarming post by Website Magazine says: According to the latest data (April, 2010) Digg lost an astounding 13.8 million unique visits from March to April, 2010 — a near 36 percent drop. You can get your FREE in print subscription to Website Magazine here, just click the image below! This has been a […]

Don’t Trust URL Shorteners?

Don’t trust URL shortners for links on the web unless you have to and here’s why! After Digg started directing it’s URL shortener to it’s post / Digg story pages in this story July 19th, 2009 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable’s CEO you can see why. Here’s what Jason Kincaid had to say about Digg’s Career […]

Facebook Connect – Digg – Google Friend Connect Question

I thought this question deserved the attention of all of my readers One of my GFC friends sent me this link. Chris, I thought you’d like to read this article from TechNewsWorld: “Facebook Knocks Down Another Single Sign-On Hurdle With OpenID Adoption” A step towards some Facebook and Google Friend Connect communication perhaps? Nope, it […]

Digg and SEO

Digg is your number one SEO social media / social bookmarking tool, here’s why I Digg SEO article in response to Chris Crum’s Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation article on WebProNews today. Read this thoroughly, it is very info laden. You have ALL overlooked the number one social media SEO tool and […]

I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

Facebook Connect on Digg

Facebook Connect NOW Live! Your Facebook Friends Can Now Digg You all the way to the Front page of Digg Facebook Connect is now Live PLUS Facebook Connect and Digg are hooked up. Facebook friends are now Digg friends too. This is going to make your Facebook friends list portable to Digg and sites like […]

Digg Analytics Software – Promote My Site Suite

New Digg Analytics software, Promote My Site Suite, helps you find great articles, good active Diggers to friend, hot articles to comment on and tracks your Diggs on your submissions all in a dashboard that gives you a profile activity report. This is a quick walk thru of what this Digg analytics software (actually a […]

Top 10 Reasons McCain Lost the Election

McCain lost the election because Obama used social media so much more effectively Seriously, it was the poor use of social bookmarking sites that did McCain in. While Obama’s use of social bookmarking and Digg in particular was a smear campaign full of unfounded information and conjecture, it had a huge effect. If anything, it […]