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Social bookmarking sites and especially Digg have huge effect on Google, when social bookmarking is done correctly. With participation and whitehat tactics your submissions to social bookmarking sites will have much higher success in Google search results.

Digg Is Dead via Website Magazine

An alarming post by Website Magazine says: According to the latest data (April, 2010) Digg lost an astounding 13.8 million unique visits from March to April, 2010 — a near 36 percent drop. You can get your FREE in print subscription to Website Magazine here, just click the image below! This has been a […]

ShamWOW vs Funkin Appletini – You Decide

Have you heard of ShamWOW or Vince? How about a Funkin Appletini? Well we are going to do a head to head. ShamWOW versus Funkin Appletini. You decide who would do well in social bookmarking. I am a bonehead, here is the chewtoy link, I blew the email today, sorry. First off I funkin love […]

Social Marketing Feedback on Mixx

No News, Commercial Posts Only in Social Marketing Feedback Bookmarking on Mixx Really, this group is dedicated to what would be otherwise canned for spam, due to commercial content. Social Marketing Feedback is now fully live, Mixx has given me the go ahead and a quick video is out to show you the basic features […]

Social Marketing Revolution

What should you be doing to be ready for the Social Marketing Revolution? The social marketing and networking world that you know so far is gone. You just don’t know it yet. Facebook groups? Forget em. Linked In? Linked out. MySpace? Lost in space. Ning? More like bling. Google’s Friend Connect and Facebook Connect will […]

Digg Analytics Software – Promote My Site Suite

New Digg Analytics software, Promote My Site Suite, helps you find great articles, good active Diggers to friend, hot articles to comment on and tracks your Diggs on your submissions all in a dashboard that gives you a profile activity report. This is a quick walk thru of what this Digg analytics software (actually a […]

Kevin Rose of Digg Speaks on Digg, Facebook Connect at the FOWA Conference

Kevin Rose talks about Digg and the future of Digg, Facebook Connect and news and social bookmarking sites at the Future of Web Apps in London. Kevin Rose of Digg talks about the value that Digg provides or does not provide. Kevin Rose also provides his view of what Digg has to offer and what […]

How You Can Rock Digg and Why You Should

Digg is weak and about to change drastically in your favor. Why and how you can and should profit from this Digg about face In today’s post you will learn: Why Digg is weak right now. How you can profit from this Digg turmoil. Why Digg will change to your advantage in the coming months. […]

Social Bookmarking Digg SEO Case Study

Digg has been performing oddly and quite different than what I expect in Google and we think we have the beginning of why Up until this last month Digg has produced pretty predictable results in Google search. 50 Diggs and you are in Google websearch for both the Digg post and your blog post. 100 […]

Get on the Front Page of Digg With Only 150 Diggs

Digg front page today only! Can you believe it! Do not let this once in an Internet lifetime pass you by, get your Digg on now! Digg has gone on a banning spree, kicking many powerful Digg users for using scripts on Digg. They even banned Zaibatsu, the #3 user out of millions for NO […]

Social Marketing – Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

The Internet is a dangerous place and not all advice about social marketing is correct, no matter what the source. I am in a great mood and apparently I feel like taking on a SEO bigwig who has jumped the gun and published a slanted article that is not correct. Many will hate on me […]