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Facebook On Mobile – It’s Time to Take It Seriously

Thanks to my friends at Qwaya for this great piece of work. Facebook and mobile are both very confusing these days. Sounds like it’s time for us all to get our mobile strategies together now….

Is Facebook Going Down The Same Road As Digg Did In 2008 ?

As I watch one very loyal Facebook marketer after another become disolutioned with Facebook paid posts I remember the days of Digg’s demise due to the CEO’s ego, Kevin Rose’s disconnection and a malicious group called the Digg mafia. Will we see history repeat itself at Facebook? 3 Things brought me write this for you […]

A Guide to Creating and Publishing Marketplace Ads on Facebook

For marketers using Facebook to promote their brands, the site’s ad setup might be a little difficult or confusing at first glance. This is undoubtedly due to the various types of ads available in Facebook’s marketplace. There are four different types of ads, and each one is significant and potentially harmful to your brand if […]

Facebook vs Google – Facebook Wins By Decision

After going 12 long bloody rounds the first Facebook vs Google bout is complete with Facebook taking it by decision, my decision…. Google went 12 entire rounds, never went down or got knocked off their feet. But with the introduction of the latest round of Facebook apps in major shopping and entertainment sites, Google has […]

FarmVille Breaks Away From Facebook

FarmVille has just been released as a standalone site off Facebook – Very important stuff here, read on…. used to redirect to until late Thrusday night, it started showing signs of a standalone version of FarmVille. FarmVille still uses a Facebook log in to connect, but it uses Facebook connect to display your […]

Facebook Now Powered By Bing

On Febuary 5th, Microsoft made a deal with Facebook to supply Bing search results on Facebook. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Watch just alerted me, “If you do a search on Facebook, the web results are powered by Bing and more importantly, carry the Bing logo.” Click image to see full size. It is also […]

Facebook VS Google Social Marketing Test

Everyone is ringing the Facebook dinner bell lately, so let’s find out if it’s feast or famine using Facbook VS Google in a side by side test With the proliferation of Facebook fan pages, the like button and the various new gadgets in the press on Facebook viral traffic I am now rolling out a […]