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Jim Edwards- Headline Best Length, Color And Conversion

So I asked Jim Edwards: “Hey Jim, what is the max word length for tested headlines? (mine get a bit long)” “And headline color. I still use a dark red, any new testing data on that having worn out? Or become over used- having a negative affect?” In case my ancient blog theme does not […]

Am I Really Spending Less Time On G+? (the truth and why)

The Answer is yes, Yes, and YES! Margie hopped on this last week and loved it so much, she told me I had to share this with you all. (she has never said this before in 5 years together, so you just, gotta trust that) Two Mystery Guests Will Show YOU On Wednesday, How You […]

What Is The Best Time For Webinars & Hangouts On Air?

Morning, afternoon or at night, we all wonder when best to host our webinars and of course when to send Email to our list. Sharyn, on Google+ asked me: When is the best time to hold a webinar? My reply turned out to be a blog post so here you go. If you care to […]

Apple and iTunes To Become A Publishing House?

Mike Elgan has some awesome things to say about Apple, iPads, Amazon and Apple’s coming Thursday announcement… This is a must read for authors, info product creators and digital content publishers! With Amazon’s all you can eat video and free shipping Amazon Prime business model, I have become a huge fan of Amazon for almost […]

Live Keyword Research Drill Down With Howie Schwartz

It’s pretty rare you see a real SEO expert show you how to really find long tail keywords and long tail keyword research tactics only using Google search. My friend Howie is like a niche sniffing blood hound and he’s done it again… Here’s Howie Schwartz with a really cool assistant (that’s me) making notes […]

Howie Schwartz – Internet Marketing Seminar

Here’s the Internet Marketing Replay of Howie Schwartz Live in Connecticut Taking Questions – And I Helped :] Here’s what you will learn; Blackhat is dead and why Why you should become the authority in your niche Google is a privilege not a god given right 19 other things I don’t have time to tell […]

Local Niche Power – Testimonial

OK, so here’s the usual two SEO experts, two of the best in the business, guys I know, guys who have made millions, guys that love me so much they gave me the chance to give Local Nice Power away for $100 REAL dollars off but only for today So what’s the problem? SEO videos […]

Bing To Power Yahoo Search

Microsoft and Yahoo team up to Compete head to head with Google I have been saying for a long time that Microsoft and Google are flat out at war. But now it has come to a head to head challenge where Google lives, Search Results! Bing is now to power Yahoo search and Search Engine […]

Your Best Traffic Promotion Tactic

Just a quick post today. Here is your #1 personal / brand / site promotion tactic and what social marketing is really about. Short (for me) video on how to use Google Friend Connect comments to pull the best returns on your blog comments. Watch the video, the result is even better than I could […]

I Disappeared From Google

I just about had a heart attack this morning when my SEO ranking software said none of my pages were in Google anymore You may have disappeared from Google, been listed as a malware site or at least looked like you got banned from Google results. Because Google threw a code error from hell today […]