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Google RSS Feeds for Search Results in Blogsearch and FriendConnect Maybe

Is it just me or has no one else noticed RSS feeds for Google Search for Blogs? After reading that RSS feeds in Google search is coming soon on WebProNews, quoting both SearchEngineLand and TheWallStreetJournal, I became somewhat confused. Why? Because RSS feeds have been available in Google Blogsearch for a month now. Maybe longer, […]

Social Marketing and Pitching Other Blogs

Social marketing by pitching other bloggers A number of people have contacted me lately about how to get noticed by other bloggers and even how to find major bloggers of influence. Social marketing basics seem pretty easy to me with than 70 million blogs and 120,000 more added every day. That’s allot of freakin blogs. […]

Friend Connect Connects What? Google to Connect Friends

Friend Connect sounds good Google, but with Friend Connect, do you see how you could trully change the Internet as we know it now? But only if you read this post…. In this Friend Connect article I pose the question: Will Google use Friend Connect to add another way they rank our blogs? Will they […]

RSS Marketing? This is how to Avoid Spam Filters with RSS Marketing!

This ain’t new but it may be to you. It you are not using WordPress to create your blog you are missing the essence of the web. If you do not know how to install WordPress on your site I will do a FREE install for you! It is that powerful and I want to […]

RSS Reader Comes to New Samsung TV… RSS Marketing in the Livingroom?

Samsung’s new HDTV offers RSS reader and Dedicated One Touch Access to Feeds About the only thing I found of interest at CES this year was a TV with a RSS button on the remote control. Yeah, you read that right! The button on the remote actually says “RSS” on it. Of course this will […]

New Yahoo RSS Reader Now Reads Full Feeds With No Click Thru

Previously FeedBurners stats showed Google as the number one RSS reader. MyYahoo was the prior top feed parser and was later listed well ahead of Google by Phedo. By parser I mean that it showed the list of feed titles. It was not ranked as a feed reader because it only showed the feed titles. […]

Death of Email Marketing? It Already Died and We Missed It!

I have read enough about the death of email becase of RSS marketing and social networks. Email is already dead and it wasn’t RSS that killed it. The shift to mobile media already been fully embraced and we never even new it. That is unless you have been paying attention to what your children are […]

Google to Buy FeedBurner for $100 Million, RSS Marketers Go Wild reports that Google has trully seen the light this week, buying FeedBurner for $100 million cash. Yes, RSS marketers can now tell their friends “Look, I was right!” for not believing that RSS was the future of the web. This Means A Number of Very Important Things… Google will undoubtedly merge FeedBurner RSS Metrics […]

New Site I am Building Based on WordPress…

I am building a new site for a guy that races sprint cars. I am going to base the site on WordPress so you can get an idea what WordPress can do for you. The site is Mike Rux Jr. Sprint Car Racing. This is a local guy that races sprint cars at the local […]

Free Shipping is the #1 Email Subject Line That Get’s Opened

An eRoi study shows that free shipping is an email subject line that gets opened more often says dm news. Free shipping is the No. 1 offer that customers look for and will respond to in an e-mail The study interviewed consumers and found that free shipping is important because it gives online shopping a […]