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Why I Am Not Thankful

Yep, you read that one right: Me… NOT Thankful… If you make any kind of living from what ever type of business you have, you probably felt this way and maybe even do today. I describe business as being on a roller coaster ride. But every ride comes to an end, you get off and […]

Chris Langisms

Optimism is the belief you CAN win. Hope is the belief that you WILL win – 6-22-2014 Inspired by a post by David Amerland. “They have the moral compass of toilet water; They go with the flow–“ – 4/1/2014 Referring to some of my so-called friends in marketing, after I was attacked and slandered by […]

PayPal Now Sending Form 1099-K

PayPal for the first time is help us do our taxes with income totals via PDFs and sales summaries spreadsheets in the PayPal website Here’s how to view and print your Form 1099-K: Log in to your PayPal account Select History > Tax Documents PayPal also had this to say: As required by the IRS, […]

DFMB Translation (don’t flame me bro)

What does DFMB stand for? Well when Google+ was launched July 4th weekend and none of us really knew each other, comments could be misconstrued easily. So I kinda borrowed from the famous “Don’t Taze Me Bro” story. DFMB was born, standing for Don’t Flame Me Bro. Meaning that I am not trying to be […]

Mobile Marketing Now and Why….

Good Friday Morning, As I move into my new role as CEO of Gadget MVP, mobile marketing is my main focus now, and believe me, if you get on board now, it will be the chance to be the Mari Smith, the Frank Kern, or at least the dominant player in your niche. Why because […]

Google Wave: Hating, Waiting or Both?

Here is what one of my Surf Club members had to say about being invited to one of my seminars. You should have got one of these two if you are on my Get Ready For Gwave list. Jeff, seemed a little upset and since he was kind enough to share his feelings with me, […]

Chris Lang’s Birthday Extravaganza 2009

Yep, Chris Lang’s Bday extravaganza rears it’s head for a week of who knows what 2009 style It’s that time of year where I take a day or two off or in this case a week and you get the presents. We leave for San Diego today and it’s full speed ahead, here’s a little […]

FREE WebSite Magazine

Got a great freebie for you today, I read this every month and I LOVE it I read this magazine myself and love it. No strings attached, just good stuff. You might notice I rarely suggest someone else’s stuff. The only ones I do suggest are AWeber (autoresponders) and The Directory of eZines, so when […]

Conficker Worm Test In Two Seconds

Paul Myers set this Conficker worm test up and it takes about two seconds to see if you are infected. Many thanks to Paul Myers who is always about helping us all.

Is Chris Lang a Spammer?

It seems that some morally corrupt, double dealing, lowdown, jealous, pieces of Internet flotsam and jetsam have questioned how I do business. So let me take this opportunity to clear that up. Because….. Chris Lang has never sent one piece of spam in his life. If you receive any email from me it is because […]