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The Art Of Healing Book

As Margie, my wife begins to write her first book, The Art Of Healing, I just want to congratulate here on a job well done. You have come so far my love…

FREE Google Buzz Report

Google Buzz has finally shaken itself out, is ready to rock and here’s what the real Google social authority has to say about Google Buzz. 40 pages, all power, no fluff and you are not going to see anyone else say what I have to about what is really going on at Google. FREE Google […]

I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

Bret Taylor of FriendFeed talks at the FOWA Conference

Bret Taylor of FriendFeed speaks on FriendFeed, FaceBook Connect and the future of a social networking web Bret Taylor talks about Scoble, FriendFeed, site usage, social friends, how a FaceBook connected web will Connect us all.

How You Can Rock Digg and Why You Should

Digg is weak and about to change drastically in your favor. Why and how you can and should profit from this Digg about face In today’s post you will learn: Why Digg is weak right now. How you can profit from this Digg turmoil. Why Digg will change to your advantage in the coming months. […]

Google Friend Rank or FriendRank to Rank Social Marketing Profiles

FriendRank, the new PageRank for Social Marketing Profiles FriendRank is actually called “NETWORK NODE AD TARGETING” in the patent application but has already been dubbed FriendRank or FriendRank ala PageRank. Filed on December 29, 2006, Google has been tweaking this Friend Rank algorithm for quite a while. Now public as of July 3, 2008. Google […]

Google to Buy Digg Rumors Are Back

Imagine Google to buy Digg? Digg integrated into Google search, or Blogsearch. Digg buttons next to every search result? That’s how I see it! Rumor mill (blogs) are on fire again about Google buying Digg. Most recent and best documented article on Google to buy Digg Okay, if this happens Google will integrate Digg with […]

Chris Lang vs Dave Rosenthal Part 2

The conversation continues, who is right? We both are. If you missed the first round of comments between Dave Rosenthal and myself, Chris Lang, read it. Before you read Dave’s next reply, I want to point out: I get a 50% opt in rate to my newsletter from my social bookmarking sites. I get a […]

What is Social Bookmarking Spam

In my ongoing quest to educate my blog readers and social bookmarking site friends on what is social bookmarking spam and what is NOT consider this: After suggesting that a blog post by my friend JohnT was spam one of my social marketing group members said this about a post: “The Google Ad Sense is […]

Chris Lang vs Dave Rosenthal

Dave Rosenthal calls Chris Lang out? Challenge accepted! Dave, this deserves a blog post, not a comment. Dave says Hi Chris, Thanks for the email about this latest step in your exploration. I’m not seeing my last comment around here, so I wished I saved a copy so people would know I had already addressed […]