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Five Ways Foodie Bloggers Can Make Money

#1 – Put your recipie ingredients in your email only. Then link to the site for the cooking instructions. #2 – Add affiliate links via banner graphics in recipies with like cooking styles #3 – Creating short video “How To” clips that demonstrate basic and unique tips: #4 – Learn how to write better Email […]

I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is a big subject but start with these coding weaknesses that WordPress sets by default I am a WordPress SEO guy just because I have to be. I do love SEO and WordPress but I am not a WordPress SEO expert. However, there are a number or weaknesses in WordPress that hurt your […]