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Why Does Snooki Have 4 In Print Books?

Because Snooki Has Reach! And publishes through Simon and Schuster! It does not matter if you can write these days. What matters to publishers these days is that you have reach and can sell your own books. Why do you not have a book at the top of Amazon mega high traffic categories like Snooki? […]

A Personal Review Of The 6-Figure Kindle Club – Margie D Casados

If you are an author and/or aspiring publisher I believe it is a good idea to take a look at what they are doing on 6FKC. Emran Saiyed and Ryan Lee have teamed up to make the world of writing, into a valuable promoting empire. Recognizing that Kindle is on the leading edge and is […]

The Difference Between Amazon & Google+

You may have seen my mail yesterday about Why I am spending less time on Google+… However you may have written it off as me trying to sell you. I am sorry to say, that is a big mistake. Because there is a huge difference between Google+ and Amazon and it is the difference between […]