Local Search and What it Can Do For Your Business

Local Search can bring business to your door but they have to be able to find you using Local Search

Since I am an international, digital product oriented marketer I have little time or knowledge of Local Search. However since Arnie Kuenn and his site Link Building Best Practices centers around local businesses I have become a bit more knowledgeable. Actually I just watch for good content so I can keep my name in your face Arnie :] Eventually I will get you to join my Arizona Internet Marketers on Facebook.

So for DoFollow Tuesday Arnie, I have four great links for you.

Setting a geographic target for your site in Webmaster Tools

Google Maps : Drive Local Business to your Door!

I read Website Magazine every week and so should you. Here is a great article on using Google maps and what you have to do to get listed in Google maps.

With a modest investment of time and money (if someone else manages and writes the code for your site), you can open up a variety of effective local online marketing opportunities for your firm’s website including Google’s AdWords, Maps, and Local Business Center listings.

Yahoo is just as powerful when it comes to mapping, so don’t overlook this

Yahoo Local search has become really powerful lately with many user oriented additions. The location is set to the Superstition Springs area in Mesa AZ.

I happen to hate Goggle maps, I always use MapQuest through Yahoo maps.

But you need to add your business location to Yahoo Local.

Keep abreast of what is going on in Yahoo Local search with the Yahoo Local blog.

Tracking and Testing is your best resource and it’s FREE too

Google Analytics is a free resource that we all should be using. Combine it with the Webmaster tools that Susan Moskwa spoke about in the video and Google split testing application Website Optimizer and you have a powerful package. In fact it is so powerful it put me out of business offering a much more usable application that I wrote the code for three years ago.

The Bottom Line

While I am no Local Search guru like Arnie Kuenn, this page should give you a good jumping off point to get the tools in place to begin a better local marketing campaign.